3 Ways You Can Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

It’s not that easy to stay healthy over the holiday season. Cold weather isn’t exactly conducive to wanting to get some exercise, loads of carb- and cream-based holiday foods can make weight gain virtually inevitable, and the number of people staying indoors make it easy to spread germs. This doesn’t have to be the case, […]

Dementia Risk Declines

Dementia is a term most commonly associated with the elderly, but there is evidence that the incidence of this disease is on the decline. The reasons for this decline are not yet clear; research is still being performed to better understand potential risk factors for this ailment, but existing research has allowed health care professionals […]

“Toxic chemicals in household dust linked to cancer and infertility” (The Guardian) — Pop Your Opinion

Household dust harbours a cocktail of toxic chemicals that have been linked to an increased risk of a range of health hazards, from cancer to problems with fertility, researchers in the US have found. The chemicals are shed from a host of common products, from flooring to electrical goods as well as beauty and cleaning […] […]